L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation Review

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.04.43 PM (2)


First of all I will explain my skin type and tone. I have dry to combination skin, with an oily t-zone. In the Summer it tends to be quite normal to combination, but in the winter it is as dry as the desert. I generally find that foundations tend to seperate on my skin, mostly around my nose area and in between my eyebrows. I generally don’t like to set my foundations unless i am going out at night or if the foundation is particularly tacky. My skin has a neutral to pink undertone and is probably a light to medium colour. I have freckles on my nose that are only super visible in the summer.

I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago after seeing it mentioned by many of my favourite beauty bloggers. I liked the fact that it seemed quite dewy and hydrating. The shade I purchased is Rose Beige. Initially i decided to try it with my Nivea mens post shave balm as a primer and I wasn’t sold. The coverage was light and it was able to be built up to a medium. I was experiencing some pretty bad skin problems that day so I didn’t love the finish it gave my skin. However The dewy texture did appeal to me and i was determined to give it another shot once my skin had settled down. About a week later I decided to try it again. The first thing I noticed this time was that the colour was a perfect match for my skin – in the past few weeks my skin has gotten a lot lighter as I haven’t fake tanned or been in the sun much, so i was struggling to find a foundation in my collection that suited. Most of the foundations I own are light to medium coloured which is normally fine for me.

Application: I applied it with the real techniques buffing brush and that worked well. I tried a damp beauty blender but i felt because it is such a light coverage foundation the product payoff just wasn’t there. I only applied one layer to the skin and doubled up in problem areas such as my chin and in between my brows. After I applied it, I put by usual Maybelline fit me concealer under my eyes and it didn’t seem to disrupt the foundation. I then set my whole face with my Maybellne fit me powder only because I didn’t want it to transfer as it is very dewy. I used my Hoola bronzer by benefit to contour and bronze up the face and that went on perfect without becoming patchy or muddy.

Throughout the day: I found that throughout the day my skin looked quite natural and the foundation seemed to last well, only falling away from my nose (which is normal for me as my nose sweats.. i know.. weird). It held my bronzer and blush well and nothing became patchy or gross. In saying this, I do work in an office so it was hardly exposed to the elements.

End of the day: I was really pleased with the way the this foundation stayed on my skin and continued to look natural, but also was able to even my skin tone out and cover any imperfections. It had fallen away slightly on my nose, and between my eyebrows, but not as much as a usually foundation of this consistency would.

I would definitely recommend this foundation to a friend with dry to combination skin. I suppose the name would be the first alarm bell for anyone with oily skin, needless to say that you should probably stick to more matte foundations and this is not one of them.

Overall ratings:

Colour match: 9/10

Consistency: 8/10

Coverage: 8/10

Longevity: 8/10

Compatibility with other product: 9/10

Value for money: 7/10



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