Seven Skincare SavioursHey Guys! Sorry it has been so long between blogs… I have been super busy. But I am back and I am going to try really hard to post on a weekly basis. I have had a serious obsession with skincare lately and I am constantly researching which products to purchase, so I decided to write a blog about my holy grail products. I hope you enjoy!

1. Purity, Philosophy from $18.00


It’s hard to explain how I feel about this product. I have pretty normal skin – its dry, has the occasional minor breakout during that time of the month, but other than that I shouldn’t really complain (although I still do). The reason I like this cleanser so much is because it doesn’t make my skin dryer than it is, and it also doesn’t aggravate or cause my skin to breakout. So I suppose you could say, my love for this product is not based on the positive effects it does have, but rather on the negative effects that it does not have – and that, my friends, is enough for me. A cleanser isn’t supposed to leave you with glowing, plump, youthful skin, its just supposed to cleanse (shock horror) – you can leave the rest to your moisturisers, exfoliators and face masks. Don’t get me wrong, its a beautiful product – and I searched for a cleanser that didn’t irritate my skin for such a long time – but I wouldn’t say that I feel like my face looks significantly “better” for using it. Look, just trust me, I will never stop using this product.

Available at Mecca.

2. Clear Improvement Mask, Origins $25-$39



This clay mask is beautiful. I generally use it on a monthly rotation with other masks and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth! After I have used this mask, it feels as though my face has been thoroughly cleaned to the very last pore. It never breaks me out, and is gentle on the skin. I wouldn’t use this more than twice a week as it can be a little drying, but it is one of my favourite masks to use for a deep clean and freshen up!

Available at Mecca.

3. Hydrating Light Moisturiser, Simple $8.00


This moisturiser is a God send in the winter months. I apply a thick layer before bed and it feels like my skin has had a huge glass of water. It has no fragrance and is really gentle on the skin. It doesn’t sit on my skin which is something I can’t stand in a moisturiser. It leaves my skin supple and hydrated – which is exactly what you want from a moisturiser!

Available at Coles, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse etc.

4. Never A Dull Moment, Origins Scrub $43


This appropriately named exfoliator does exactly as it claims. Its thick texture along with the tiny exfoliating grains literally polishes your skin. After I have used this product, I feel a million bucks! My skin looks bright, fresh and supple after every single use. I use it twice a week just as a skin treatment. It is a pricey product but I will definitely be repurchasing  because no other product leaves my skin looking this fresh, bright and youthful!

Available at Mecca.

5. Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater, Mario Badescu $10


This is such a simple, beautiful product. It freshens up my face even on its dullest days. I love using this in the winter just to give my skin that extra lift before or after applying my makeup. I am never without this spray when I travel as it is great for during and after a flight just for some quick moisture. Its super cheap and doesn’t irritate my skin at all!

Available at Mecca.

6. Drying Lotion, Mario Badescu $24


As the saying goes…If it’s good enough for Kylie, it’s good enough for me… Okay, that’s definitely not a thing… but this product is amazing. It dries out any imperfections on the skin and although you go to bed looking like some sort of a dalmatian, it is totally worth the weird stares from your partner. You wake up with any pimples looking A LOT better, the inflammation is significantly reduced and it leaves every blemish looking a lot less irritated from the picking and prodding that you put it through the night before. The product is quite cheap and definitely worth it for when you need a quick fix!

Available at Mecca.

7. Eye Cream, QV $12.00


This is a simple, great eye cream. I don’t really have any eye issues except for the fact that they get really dry so I need to make sure that they are moisturised before applying any makeup. I use this cream nightly which keeps them from being dry for the whole night and next day. It has no fragrance and is super gentle for that delicate skin surrounding your eye. I highly recommend it if you have dry skin around your eyes.

Available at Priceline.




Favourite Face Brushes

High End Products (1)

The following brushes are the brushes that I use daily, and always reach for. They are all quite affordable, most of them being drugstore brushes.

1. Zoeva 104 Buffer – $32.00


I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation. It is really dense, so you don’t lose much product at all during the application. It is so easy to buff out foundation and leaves no streaks. It is the softest brush that I own and ever since I purchased it, I have wondered what I ever did without it. It’s also a perfect size, not too big that you can’t smooth out those difficult to reach areas (under the eyes) and it is not so small that it takes half a day to buff out your whole face. I know this is a big call, but i would go as far as to say… this is my favourite brush in my whole collection. It is a little bit more pricey, but if you are looking for a perfect foundation brush, it is totally worth splashing out a few extra dollars on this one.

Available at: Sephora or online at Beauty Bay

2. Models Prefer MDP104 Powder & Bronzer – $24.99


As I was getting slightly carried away during a 40% off sale at Priceline, throwing practically everything I saw into my basket.. this brush ended making it through the check out and into my makeup cupboard. I wasn’t particularly excited about it as I had hardly read or heard anything about these brushes. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it for the first time. I use it to set my foundation and under eye concealer, it is really soft and applies the product beautifully. I highly recommend giving this brush a try. As Models Prefer is owned by Priceline, it is relatively cheap.. and quite frequently on sale so you are bound to bag yourself a bargain. I am yet to try any of their other brushes, however if they are as good as this one, I might be purchasing the whole collection…

Available at: Priceline

3. Real Techniques Blush Brush – $24.99


Real Techniques is probably my favourite makeup brush brand, simply because of the value for money. They are expensive for a drugstore product, but they provide the quality of a high-end brush. I use this brush to apply my bronzer on my cheeks and forehead, I like it because it covers a lot of area and picks up the product really well. I have also used it to apply my blush and powder, it is a really good multipurpose brush to have in your collection.

Available at: Priceline

4. Real Techniques Contour Brush – $45.00 (in a set)


I love this brush for its size. It is perfect for blending under eye(or anywhere on your face) concealer, and it does it so well. I find concealer can be difficult to blend with brushes as it is quite thick, however this brush does a fantastic job – leaving to streaks and you don’t lose much product as all whilst blending. I also use it for setting my under eyes. This brush is a must have if you are going to be applying concealer in those hard-to-reach places. You can only get this particular brush in a set, which is what I did(worth it as you save money and all the brushes are great), but I am certain there is a similar brush for about $18.00.

Available at: Priceline

5. Benefit Hoola Bronzer Brush – $51.00


So unfortunately, Benefit don’t sell this brush on its own. It comes with the Hoola Bronzer, which is an amazing bronzer so it is worth the purchase. This brush is the only brush I will use to contour. It applies the product so well under the cheekbones and it blends the product so easily. It is really similar to the NAR Ita brush, but without the $80 price tag. It’s quite fluffy, but not super soft so it does transfer the product onto the face very well, without giving it a muddy look.

Available at: Myer and Sephora

6. Zoeva 105 Highlight Brush – $30.00


This brush is really good at doing exactly what it says it will – applying highlight. It is really light and fluffy making it easy to apply my highlight really softly, and is able to build it up without making your face look like a disco ball (unless you want it to, in which case if you apply enough, it will).

Available at: Beauty Bay

7. Real Techniques Multitask Brush – $45.00 (in a set)


This is a good brush to have in your collection, purely because it is capable of many things. I use it primarily to apply blush. However it is able to apply liquid foundation, bronzer and everything in between. There’s not much to say other than it is a really good all-rounder, and blends products seamlessly. The only frustrating thing about this brush is that it is only available in a set, which is fine if you need the other two brushes(eye brush and foundation brush). All the brushes in the set are good, but this one is the best.

Available at: Priceline

High End Products Worth Your Money

High End Products

As I was rearranging my makeup drawer to make room for my most recent purchases, I found myself appreciating all the wonderful makeup I already owned. This post will cover my absolute favourite high end makeup products. I don’t use all of these products every day. But the quality of them is like nothing else, and I have never found a cheap alternative.

1. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – $62.00


Too faced have amazing quality products so I was not surprised by the high standard of this foundation. This is my favourite foundation of all time. Its dewy, medium coverage is super buildable and leaves the skin looking so healthy and natural. I only need one pump to give my whole face a medium-full coverage, meaning the product will last me quite a while – what’s not to love?

Available at: Mecca Maxima

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Taupe – $38.00


This brow crayon is so fine and imitates the hairs like nothing I have ever used. It creates natural looking brows to die for! The colour Taupe is the perfect neutral-ashy colour for my blonde hair. It lasts all day without smudging but is also easy to correct if you make a mistake (we’ve all been there).

Available at: Sephora and Hairhouse Warehouse

3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer – $51.00


Not only is this bronzer amazing quality, with a perfect cool undertone, but it also comes with a great contouring brush. I will never purchase another bronzer again (okay, that is probably definitely a lie) now that I have been united with this amazing product. It is the perfect colour for both contouring and bronzing and it seems to work on many skin tones.

Available at: Myer and Sephora.

4. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer – $32.00

mac-pro-longwear-concealerThis is not a concealer for the faint hearted… It is super full coverage but relatively light weight. A little bit of this goes a long way… like I mean one pump of this concealer is almost too much – but boy, does it look good. It makes any blemish disappear and lasts all day/night provided that you set it with a powder. This is a must have in everyone’s makeup bag.

Available at: Myer and David Jones.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette – Light to Medium – $70.00


I was very reluctant to splash cash on this palette, but after seeing it mentioned on almost every beauty blog that I laid eyes on, I caved – and I have not regretted it since. The palette is very pigmented, so a light hand is necessary – but it blends flawlessly and lasts all day.

Available at: Sephora and Hairhouse Warehouse.

6. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed – Moonstone – $60.00


I know, I know… the price seems ridiculous for something that you only use on a night out with the girls, or when your face is looking a little dull. But trust me, the finish of this highlighter is like no other. Its got the perfect sheen to it, it’s natural, visible and just simply beautiful. So if you are all about that glowing skin, this is the product for you.

Available at: Sephora and some beauty boutiques.

7. MAC Prep and Prime Fix + – $27.00


So this product is very generously priced considering all that it can be used for. I use this to set my face, prime my face, freshen up my foundation, blend products and apply eyeshadow. With this product, anything is possible. The best thing about it is if you have an eyeshadow that you love, but the colour payoff just isn’t there… spray a bit of this product on your brush, and the pigment is instantly intensified.

Available at: Myer and David Jones.

8. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder – Translucent – $60.00


This product is amazing. It sets your foundation leaving a flawless finish. It is also brightening, so it is great to set the under eyes. It doesn’t dry out my skin (and my skin is pretty dry) and it lasts all day/night, keeping your foundation in position and stopping it from running down your face in even the most challenging climates. It’s pricey, but it will last quite a while and is totally worth it.

Available at: David Jones.

That’s it for my absolute favourite high end beauty products.



L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation Review

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.04.43 PM (2)


First of all I will explain my skin type and tone. I have dry to combination skin, with an oily t-zone. In the Summer it tends to be quite normal to combination, but in the winter it is as dry as the desert. I generally find that foundations tend to seperate on my skin, mostly around my nose area and in between my eyebrows. I generally don’t like to set my foundations unless i am going out at night or if the foundation is particularly tacky. My skin has a neutral to pink undertone and is probably a light to medium colour. I have freckles on my nose that are only super visible in the summer.

I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago after seeing it mentioned by many of my favourite beauty bloggers. I liked the fact that it seemed quite dewy and hydrating. The shade I purchased is Rose Beige. Initially i decided to try it with my Nivea mens post shave balm as a primer and I wasn’t sold. The coverage was light and it was able to be built up to a medium. I was experiencing some pretty bad skin problems that day so I didn’t love the finish it gave my skin. However The dewy texture did appeal to me and i was determined to give it another shot once my skin had settled down. About a week later I decided to try it again. The first thing I noticed this time was that the colour was a perfect match for my skin – in the past few weeks my skin has gotten a lot lighter as I haven’t fake tanned or been in the sun much, so i was struggling to find a foundation in my collection that suited. Most of the foundations I own are light to medium coloured which is normally fine for me.

Application: I applied it with the real techniques buffing brush and that worked well. I tried a damp beauty blender but i felt because it is such a light coverage foundation the product payoff just wasn’t there. I only applied one layer to the skin and doubled up in problem areas such as my chin and in between my brows. After I applied it, I put by usual Maybelline fit me concealer under my eyes and it didn’t seem to disrupt the foundation. I then set my whole face with my Maybellne fit me powder only because I didn’t want it to transfer as it is very dewy. I used my Hoola bronzer by benefit to contour and bronze up the face and that went on perfect without becoming patchy or muddy.

Throughout the day: I found that throughout the day my skin looked quite natural and the foundation seemed to last well, only falling away from my nose (which is normal for me as my nose sweats.. i know.. weird). It held my bronzer and blush well and nothing became patchy or gross. In saying this, I do work in an office so it was hardly exposed to the elements.

End of the day: I was really pleased with the way the this foundation stayed on my skin and continued to look natural, but also was able to even my skin tone out and cover any imperfections. It had fallen away slightly on my nose, and between my eyebrows, but not as much as a usually foundation of this consistency would.

I would definitely recommend this foundation to a friend with dry to combination skin. I suppose the name would be the first alarm bell for anyone with oily skin, needless to say that you should probably stick to more matte foundations and this is not one of them.

Overall ratings:

Colour match: 9/10

Consistency: 8/10

Coverage: 8/10

Longevity: 8/10

Compatibility with other product: 9/10

Value for money: 7/10


Best Drug Store Buys

So, after many trips to Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and Target, promising myself it was ‘research’ for the perfect products, I have finally landed on 10 drug store products I can not live without.

I have included a bit of a mixed bunch in here, with mainly beauty but also touching on some skin care. So lets jump straight into it and get started.


10. Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder – $14.95


This lightweight powder is perfect for setting your foundation, it has very light coverage and works so well on my dry skin. I usually steer away from any powders but sometimes I find that setting my foundation is a must, especially if its going to be a long day. I use the colour 220 – Natural Beige, it is very low coverage but definitely leaves the skin looking smooth.


9. QV Night Cream – $17.29


This night cream was an absolute godsend for me, I struggle with dry skin – especially in the winter. This cream is brilliant because it isn’t oily or thick, it just soaks into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated. I apply it every night before I go to bed, and because of the fact it is QV, it is very gentle on skin and has no scent.


8. Models Prefer MDP104 Powder & Bronzer – $24.99


Okay, so I was super skeptical about this brand as not many people talk about it. I figure that is because it is an Australian brand that is only found at Priceline (as it is their own cosmetics brand). I purchased this brush on a whim when Priceline were having a sale because I wanted to try it out as it is quiet affordable – and I am glad that I did. It is incredibly soft and shaped in such a way that it can be used for multiple things. I prefer it to set my foundation, but it is also a great blush brush.


7. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – $9.99


I have been searching for a gentle makeup remover for quiet a while now and I have finally found one that works really well. I find that some makeup removers can be harsh, and using makeup wipes everyday can irritate the skin – but this micellar water is perfect. It is gentle and calms the skin, and you don’t even need to rinse it off. It gets rid of all the dirt and daily grime that has built up as well.


6. NYX Powder Blush Peach – $5.00


This blush is so pigmented and beautiful, it stays all day and sits so well on any foundation that I have on my face. I purchase all my NYX products from Target and they are all really reasonably priced. The colour peach is such a beautiful pink colour that blends really well and works with any complexion.

5. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark – $19.99  


I have always been looking for the perfect tan, that lasts, has a nice colour, and doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve got some sort of skin infection. I will never look anywhere else now that I have discovered Bondi Sands. It applies brilliantly and I have never had any issues with streaking. It also lasts around a week and I find that if I moisturise it won’t end up going splotchy. Also, make sure you always apply tanning foam with a glove as it makes for a smooth application and provides perfect all over coverage.


4. Real Techniques Your Base Flawless Core Collection – $47.50


So technically this is four products but the two I want to talk about are only available in this pack. So the two brushes I use the most in this kit are the Buffing Brush and the Contour Brush. These two are amazing, I use the contouring brush mainly for setting my under eye concealer and highlighting my cheekbones and it picks up product so well. I use the Buffing Brush to apply my foundation if I am looking for a full coverage. It is perfect and blends the foundation seamlessly. The other two brushes are neither here nor there but I have found uses for both on a few occasions. The set is on the pricier side, but definitely worth the money in my opinion.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Fair – $14.95


This cult favourite is popular for a reason. Its lightweight consistency allows for easy application. It is such a good colour for under the eyes and it lasts all day without settling in fine lines. It is very high coverage which is great for such a lightweight concealer and also means that the bottle will last you quite a while.


2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – $21.95


This mascara is perfect for everyday wear but also buildable enough for a dramatic evening look. It stays on the lashes and doesn’t transfer to any other areas of the face. Another reason I love it so much is that it washed off easily and doesn’t leave you looking like a panda for three days. I have found that some mascaras irritate my eyes, but not with this mascara, it is a really good buy.


1. Chi Chi Makeup Blenders Complete Collection – $15.00


So, I had been looking around for a cheaper alternative to the beauty blender for a long time. After being disappointed over trying multiple online cheap duplicates, but still not willing to pay more than $5 for a simple sponge, I finally found this pack by Chi Chi. There are four different shaped sponges in this pack and each one is great. They are perfect for either applying makeup dry or when wet. This is my favourite way to apply foundation and I am so glad that I found these because they work so well and are so cheap.


So there you have it. My favourite drug store products. These are all amazing products that work so well and are definitely worth the money.